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Duplicate Media Finder


A handy tool for freeing up space by removing duplicate and similar files

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KDO-RG - August 4, 2020
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Duplicate Media Finder
Price: $33.00
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Saving disk space is crucial, especially when your storage device such as disk drive, smartphone or any other device contains a lot of multimedia files in high resolution, be it HD movies, videos taken with your camera, pictures taken with your phone and similar.

One thing you can do to free up space is to create a backup or you can use this software called Duplicate Media Finder. The main purpose of this software is to find and delete any duplicate files and also files that are similar, such as pictures and videos in another format.

The first thing when you open the Duplicate Media Finder you are presented with a Search window. Here you can select if you want to search for identical or similar files. In case of later you can also set sensitivity and choose what types of files you want to search for.

Each of the above options also provides you with some additional settings you can set when searching for duplicate files. Here you can select if you want to search only for files with same name, extension, size, etc., use filters, and even provide some image and video criteria when searching for similar files.

All there is left to do is select the location where you want to perform the search and click the Start button. In the next step you can manually review the found results, select the ones you want to delete or perform any other operation by clicking the right mouse button.

There are some additional settings also in the Configuration window for the more advanced users, but even if you are a complete non-technical user, the software gets the job done without you having to tweak any of the advanced settings or even know what they mean.

• Functional and easy to navigate interface
• Can find and remove both duplicate and similar files
• A lot of settings to tweak for more demanding users
• UI looks a bit out of date
• A license needs to be obtained in order to use all of the software's functionalities


Limitations in the unregistered version

• Few visualization functions are not available

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